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Personal Project

Posted by Mark Grey

A little personal project that I thought might be appropriate to showcase. This was a 10th Birthday gift for my son. Not wanting to be driven down the road of buying Xbox games or a pair of snazzy trainers, I wanted to create and make something which I knew he'd appreciate and also be able to cherish in years to come - a gift he could mount on the wall if he wished or indeed use. The design had to be personal to him so I included things like a sketch of his dog (Chester the Puggle) into the design along with funky fonts, his own monogram, his date of birth amongst other things.

So, having sketched the design out as separate elements, I then vectorised the sketchwork and pieced it together in Illustrator applying it to a press template cutter of the skateboard shape. The design was laser etched into the base of the skateboard, with the grip tape also being design laser cut.

I hasten to add that I had a go on the board and was bitterly disappointed with my lack of skating skills. I'm sure I used to be so much better!

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